Pregnancy Information

Precious Beginnings

You have a positive pregnancy test! You only need to do one test (ok, two is better ☺)

Tell your partner the great news and take a big breath…Congratulations!

Prenatal Vitamins (at least 400 mcg of folic acid per day)

Schedule your OB/GYN appointment

You only need 300 extra calories a day now that you are pregnant

First Trimester

6-12 Weeks
First OB check-up exam, obtain medical history

Discuss prenatal laboratory testing

Dating Ultrasound, determine due date

Meet with OBGYN financial personnel

You may feel tired, bloated and your breasts may be tender

You may be experiencing some nausea. Remedies include ginger tablets, small frequent meals and sleep

Tell your friends and family that you’re expecting!

Second Trimester

12-16 Weeks
Discuss genetic counseling

OB visit – Check weight, blood pressure and urine each visit

Listen for fetal heart tones and check uterine size each visit

Sign up for childbirth and lactation education classes with Memorial Hospital

Your belly is starting to show! Start buying maternity clothes

Try to get a little exercise everyday

18-20 Weeks
Feel the baby moving for the first time

Find out about your employer disability policy

20-24 Weeks
Ultrasound to check baby’s anatomy and gender…if you want to know!
(Let our ultrasound team assist you in your BIG REVEAL with our complimentary Gender Reveal Card)

Start looking for a pediatrician

Plan the nursery and start registering for baby items – go shopping!

Third Trimester

26 – 28 weeks
Complete your one-hour glucose test for diabetes screening

Discuss Tdap vaccine and Rhogam shot if you have a Rh-negative blood type

Discuss glucose test results

Discuss cord blood banking

Childbirth classes begin

Baby Shower!

32-36 Weeks
Group B Strep test

Cervix exam and check for baby’s position

Discuss labor and delivery

Last time to fly safely

Buy a car seat

Pack your hospital bag and remember to include your baby book and camera!

Prepare freezer meals to eat once baby arrives.
Check out our Healthy Recipes!

36-40 + Weeks
OB visits weekly

Walking and staying active may help with labor

Elevate those swollen legs

Turn in any paperwork needed for medical leave

Buy or rent a breast pump

Invest in a nursing bra

Pre-wash baby’s clothes


Congratulations on your new addition!

Take lots of newborn pictures – they grow so fast!

Tell everyone!

At home with your new baby

Sleep when the baby sleeps

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Schedule your baby’s first doctor’s appointment

Schedule your postpartum appointment with our office by calling 812.481.2229

Report the birth of your child to your insurance company

Get out those freezer meals

Take care of yourself!